Sunday, March 09, 2014

31 Days of Thanks Day 22 How we developed our pottery business

31 Days of Thanks Day 22  Always getting ideas from our customers

I started making hand made tiles, after so many requests from our customers. I started working with spacers and a rolling pin so they would be the right thickness.

I rolled hundreds of tiles.

Here is one of the drawings I did that prompted people to start asking for tiles.

I would cut these apart, hand color and frame them individually.

And here of some of the tiles I have done from the drawing inspirations.

I designed this throw for the Arts Council that they sold as a fund raiser, I used those drawings to start doing tiles of buildings in our town.

You can see how one thing just leads to another!

I do a lot of commissioned tiles of peoples homes and each year I do tiles of all the homes on the home tour.

I LOVE working with clay!  There is so much you can do with it, sculpture, tiles, dinnerware, vases, on and on.

Now all I need it more time.

It all started with a few comments from friends and customers. Thank you for your ideas and encouragement.

- Jan Francoeur

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