Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sandra McKenzie Schmidt

We're thrilled to get new work from Sandra McKenzie Schmidt! We've carried her work off and on through the years and just love these new pieces!

Sandra McKenzie Schmitt has been a working artist since 1973, first showing her figurative sculpture at Gallery 10 in New York City in the same year. In 1964, she received her M.A. in intaglio printmaking from University of Iowa under the direction of Mauricio Lasansky. Receiving her M.F.A. from Bradley University in May 2000, her emphasis was ceramic sculpture with additional work in bronze, stone carving, and metal fabrication.

Clever utensil holder, available in a variety of animals! We have a rabbit, frog, pig, cat to name a few.
Rabbit cookie jar, sweet!
Pig cookie jar

Rabbit Utensil Jar

Tiny Nativity

Small Nativity

Go to our website for sizes and prices and to see more pieces! Click Here.

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