Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cheap Date

I had to be in NYC last week on business so took part of a day to goof off - love looking at the neighborhoods.

So I walked the High Line like I talked about in a previous post.

The first section has plants that have matured and now there is a shopping area right on the park in a section that goes through a building.

Then I took the subway to Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Manhattan and rode the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back. Always love a boat ride. Free

The ferry passes the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island and give you a great view of Manhattan on the way back.

Then I took the subway to 50th and walked to Rockefeller Plaza to people watch.

I've always been curious about the Tudor City area so I walked there. It is a beautiful neighborhood, very quiet compared to others with a beautiful park, you wouldn't know you were in the middle of Manhattan.
I wasn't sure I was going to make it back to the hotel, I was beat so stopped at the Reading Room in Bryant Park and listened to a poet read some of his writings.
I did manage to stumble back to my hotel through the throngs of people in Times Square!
The real reason I was in NYC was to look for some new things for Carolina Creations for Christmas! I found some wonderful treasures, met with some of our current artists to see their new work and met some new ones. I'll do another post about some of the wonderful things we'll have coming in.

Love to go, love to come home.

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