Friday, May 17, 2013

Starfish by John Gibbons and a great story to go with it!

I have to to tell you a story about how we came to meet John Gibbons and his starfish, or at least how he got on our radar. 
Michael and I were at a show in another state and got a text from one of our employees. "there is a couple here that own a gallery on Coronado, CA and they think you should get creeping starfish by John Gibbons." 
The next thing we knew - like 5 minutes later - guess who we met!
 The craft community is relatively small but this is quite the coincidence! And it is  wonderful when we all work together. 
Yesterday that same gentleman from Coronado was back in Carolina Creations and I shared with him a couple of our artists I thought they would like.
 At any rate we are thrilled to be now representing the glass art by John Gibbons!

 Here is a link that will show you sizes and prices.

Have a great day! Jan Francoeur


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