Saturday, March 10, 2012

Janet Francoeur honored by AAUW

I am truly honored to be on this list!

The Twin Rivers branch of American Association of University Women is honoring women of Craven County in its library display for Women’s History Month.

The decision to choose Craven County women coincides with the celebration of county's 300th anniversary.

The University Women is a national organization that is known for “breaking through barriers for women and girls,” according to the group. The women highlighted in the display have demonstrated their qualifications for breaking through barriers as well as community service.

Wendy Cutler and Ginny Mattern, University Women members, put together the display, using  personal interviews and written material as sources.

The 10 honored women — living and deceased — include Elinor Hawkins, Lois Jamison, Janet Francoeur, Kathleen Orringer, Tiffany Dove, Suzanne F. Gifford, Sarah Dudley Pettey, Monica Parker, Evan McPherson Clayton and Carol Totarski.

Twin Rivers AAUW helps women and girls break through educational barriers by awarding a scholarship to a non-traditional female student at Craven Community College. The recipient is a women who is returning to college after an interrruption of several years in her education.

In addition, the group provides a scholarship to send a girl to the summer Engineering Camp that is sponsored by N.C. State University and Craven Community College at the Havelock campus in June.

The local branch was formed in 1997 and welcomes members who have an associate’s degree or higher. The group meets the fourth Thursday of the month from September  to May.

For more information, call 252-636-6074.
Outstanding Craven County Women
- Elinor Hawkins — Dedicated her life to libraries. Member of Friends of the Library and Tryon Palace Commission
- Lois Jamison — Makes a commitment through service. Received many awards honoring African-American women
- Janet Francoeur — Owner of Carolina Creations. Member of many downtown development groups
- Kathleen Orringer — She was an active civic leader Orringer Auditorium at Craven Community College, which was named in her honor
- Tiffany Dove — Full-time funeral director at her family’s firm. Received Intriguing African American Women Award
- Suzanne F. Gifford — Executive director of the Craven Community College Foundation
- Sarah Dudley Pettey — African-American feminist in the late 1800s
- Monica Parker — Founded Mercy Clinic
- Eva McPherson Clayton — First African-American elected to U.S. Congress from North Carolina since 1898
- Carol Tokarski — Executive director of Craven Arts Council

Last year Gwendolyn M. Bryan, Catherine Chew, Fern Cotton, Agnes Derda, Susan Moffat-Thomas, Gov. Bev Perdue, Ethel Sampson, Cheryl Spencer, Linda Staunch, Alice Graham Underhill.

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  1. I’m not surprised. I’m so happy for you and proud to be a part of your gallery.