Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dan Nelson at ArtWalk

Our featured artist for March and April, is Dan Nelson of Raleigh. He'll be at ArtWalk on Friday, March the 9th, so you'll have a chance to meet him.

Dan could be seen painting on the streets of New Bern during February and created much excitement!

Every town has a number of artists in it. Some of those artists practice painting "en plein aire" (French: in the open air), most of those artists produce paintings roughly the size of a high school school notebook. A few of them will paint larger. But when you find one who sets up a 100-pound easel, hoists a patio umbrella, plugs a sound system and lights into his marine battery, paints 4-by-6-foot paintings, and visits with passersby until long after sundown . . . well, then you've probably found Dan Nelson.

Dan loves chatting with onlookers, students, and artist wanna-be's while he works. "I do my best painting when I am mildly distracted" Dan quips, "I  like the energy that I get from interacting with people, and the locals are the ones who can really tell you about their town."

Dan received his BFA from Calvin College but says his real education came from his tenure as a full time, free lance illustrator, from 1984 through 1998 completing over 4000 illustrations during that period.

Since then he has leaned more toward fine art but still does illustrations, portraits, and cartoons and works in mediums as varied as oils, watercolors, air brushing, charcoal, ink, and acrylics.

For this show at Carolina Creations Dan has painted Middle Street, Tryon Palace, New Street, Hancock, the Jones House, to name a few. See more by clicking here.

His show runs through April 30, 2012.

Several of us were lucky enough to attend a workshop taught by Dan in February, if you're interested in attending the next one he does for us shoot us an email and we'll let you know when the next one is.

To see more of his work and prices click here.

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