Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fused Glass by Suz

Suz! is a fused glass artist who creates sculptural and functional art by kiln-firing glass.

Fused glass is an interesting medium to work in. One minute you have individual pieces of glass piled up in your kiln, the next minutes it melts and becomes one piece, and if you don't stop the heat at the right moment the next minute you have a puddle! Being a potter I really appreciate the fact that fused glass artists work within such a narrow temperature range.

We have many fused glass artists and one of my favorites is Suz!

A native of North Carolina, Suz earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Wake Forest University and a Master’s in International Management Degree from Thunderbird International Graduate School in Glendale, http://www.carolinacreationsnewbern.com/NewFiles/Suz.phpArizona. She speaks several languages, including German (her major), French, Italian and Japanese.

A recent move back to the Carolinas from Park City, Utah has motivated Suz! to create more flowing mixed media/fused glass sculpture.  During her daily beach walks, Suz! finds dried ocean coral, shells, sea urchins, and even the elusive sand dollar!  She then incorporates her treasures into her fused glass pieces.  The resulting bowls, sculptures, and wall hangings preserve the organic beauty of her beach treasures.  She also continues to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative bowls, ornaments, and wearable art with one of her favorite types of fusible glass-dichroic!

"During my years out west, I had the opportunity to travel in Australia and throughout Asia, even living in Tokyo, Japan for five years.  I became increasingly aware of the local arts culture in each community.  Color in art has a life of its own.  I have begun to incorporate the infinite variety of colors I see during my daily beach walks into my fused glass work.  This is an exciting new journey for me, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you!"

 We have some of her work on our website, Click here! .... and more to come

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