Monday, July 25, 2011

Our corner and what goes on when we are watering.

Since it has been so hot (summertime you know) and we haven't gotten much rain we've been watering our new grass and plants. Our corner is busy, with people on their way downtown, just coming off the bridge and only a couple blocks from all governmental offices. So there is a lot of traffic.

When we are out there we act as greeters and tour guides. Lots of people stop and ask where the Post office is (we HOPE they don't take it away), where City Hall/Courthouse is, this morning where a bike shop is (we have 2 Atomic Cycles and Flythes), where the shops are, where Carolina Creations is (yes it HAS happened!), what is the fabulous, unusual red bush is in our yard (Callistemon citrinus splendens - Red Australian Bottle Brush plant) and where can I get one (Gary's Nursery), an on and on. We've gotten other neat plants from the Garden sale at Tryon Palace and from Pinecone Perrennials.
Callistemon citrinus splendens - Red Australian Bottle Brush plant

You know Swiss Bear Downtown Development, has a plan for a wayfinding system which will help visitors and locals alike to find their way including where you can park all day. We just need to raise the funds for it.

Almost everything people say as they go by is positive, except the other day when I was watering someone shouted out as they drove by "conserve it!"  I didn't realize what she said until she was pulling away (a good thing, I might have said something unseemly!) Well we ARE conserving water. We do it with a soaker head and water where we need to, only those areas that are having a hard time. Not watering with a "sprinkle" (my neighbors word) where you let it go for an hour and it waters the street as well as the grass, and much of the water evaporates before it hits the ground.

Our house is pretty visible, previously in this blog I've written about the controversy when we built it. Many people didn't like it. It DOES look more like a commercial building than a home. But it IS on a commercial street after all, and it houses our pottery studio, our painting studio, and 2 offices in addition to our home.

So this morning when I was watering I was pleased when a guy I don't know came out of the restaurant across the street and said to me "your house is beautiful, it is a wonderful addition to the city scape."

Thank you, you made my day.

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