Thursday, June 02, 2011

Chapel Hill Carrboro Elaine ONeil Fabric Artist

Made a quick trip to Chapel Hill and Carrboro today, on the way stopped to chat with Elaine O'Neil, Fabric Artist, who is going to have a show at Carolina Creations for September and part of October.

Elaine grew up in rural Maine and began sewing as a girl, winning 4-H contests and making all of her own clothes.

In college, she designed fabrics, enjoying the created effect of color and texture combinations. Later, while her three sons were little and she was home with them, she began creating "scenes" and portraits of a family boat ride, a cow farm, or a seaside picnic. The scenes were discovered by a gallery owner and that was the beginning of her career.
Elaine graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, earning a BS degree in textile design. She is great-granddaughter to a lighthouse keeper, granddaughter to a farmer, daughter of an ardent seamstress, and mother to three sons. Her ties to her past are ever present.

Right now we have some of her note cards at Carolina Creations. We are really looking forward to her show.

While I was there, even though it was 95 degrees, I parked my car in Carrboro and rode into Chapel Hill. Anyone that complains about parking in New Bern needs to get a grip. I never walk down Franklin Street because you can't park within a mile of it. So riding my bike was great!

The other thing I discovered on the way back to Carrboro is a dedicated bike/walking path, it's not very long but it is very nice. Wish we had this in New Bern. It makes me nervous to ride on the road so I do most of my riding in town.

Janet Francoeur

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