Sunday, February 20, 2011

Q Evon Jewelry

North Carolina jeweler Susanne Q Evon - or Q as she is known - was a top model in NYC and traveled the world for photo shoots. When she retired from that business at age 40 she began to pursue her passion for creating jewelry.

Q’s interest in jewelry began at a young age. “I was the kid who went to garage sales and bought beads to cut up,” she says.

The oddest thing is she spent 2 years at Siena Heights College in Adrian, Michigan - the same tiny college I went to - she was in the business department and I was in the art department - at the same time - what's that they say about six degrees of separation?!!

She transfered to UNC and one day someone asked if she had ever modeled, the next thing she knew she was. During her modeling years, she lived near the Parsons School of Design, where she took classes in jewelry design.

After retiring from modeling, she moved back to North Carolina, where she found a mentor in master metalsmith Bill Churlik of Earthspeak Arts.

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