Wednesday, March 31, 2010


While trying to come to grips with losing Lucy I'm taking time to look at my life and see if I'm really making the most of my time, in both work AND pleasure.

LIFE IS SHORT! It passes in a flash. Did we really have her in our lives for 18 years? I think of all the changes we went through while she was with us.

My friend Donna loaned me a book, "A Reliable Wife" by Robert Goolrick which I'm enjoying sitting the the sun today. I NEVER do that!!!

I've read reviews that went both ways but right now I am really enjoying the way it is written. Why I mention it here is I do need to take more time to do what I love, we all do. For me it's reading, painting, drawing, designing, and traveling.

I am quoting a line from the book here - where Catherine is talking about beginnings and endings - "The beginnings were sweet, the endings were usually bitter, but the middles were only the tightrope you walked between the one and the other."


It really needs to be a lot more than a tightrope! It needs to be a beautiful path you follow I think.

I also just read a blog posting about simplifying your work day, so you have more time to have a life.

13 small things to simplify your workday

  1. Start early.
  2. Limit your hours.
  3. Make a short list.
  4. Batch distractions.
  5. Limit meetings.
  6. Automate.
  7. Eliminate paperwork.
  8. Clear your desk.
  9. Get away.
  10. Take breathing breaks.
  11. Practice a focus ritual.
  12. Schedule big blocks of creative time.
To read more about each of these things and how to do them go to the Blog Zen Habits. Thanks Susan for sending this!

Now I've got to go paint a picture and glaze some pottery.

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