Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bridge

I went kayaking the other day to take a look at the progress being made on our new bridge over the Trent River, I took a detour on the way because it was so calm, and paddled out to see the Neuse River Bridge.

As most of you know the state closed our main access to our Downtown in May of 2007 to replace a bridge that was built in the 1950s crossing the Trent River.

It was a swing span bridge and the topic of many paintings done by myself and other artists in the area.

We are at the Confluence of the two rivers, the Trent and the Neuse and our Downtown is on a peninsula.

Like everyone else I am getting pretty anxious to have it be completed.

I was pleased when I passed under the new bridge to see we have some decorative light poles. I sat on the design review committee and I understood that there would be nothing decorative about the bridge and that we would need to raise the money for anything like this. So I don't know if the city paid for these light poles or what but I'm glad to see they are there.

The bascule is in place!! Can't wait to see it go up and down.

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