Sunday, November 16, 2008

In the News - Amazed at how many people get up early!

We had a nice turnout Friday for the ArtWalk despite the rain most of the day. Many, many people told me both Friday and Saturday that they saw me on tv, a show that aired from 5-7 am.

I want to thank both WITN and Heather and Jim as well as Phil Knight for allowing me to be on their shows.

Phil had Greg and I on talking about the upcoming "Dickens of a Christmas" in Downtown New Bern on his Daily Neuse Show.

Here's a link to his website link. I've been told that the segment will air again tomorrow night (Monday) but I have not confirmed that.
I didn't know that his show is Simulcast LIVE at 8am on 1490ESPN in the New Bern area, on the internet at, Live Weekdays 8 am - 9 am with rebroadcasts at 5 & 11 pm, and Previous Interviews are available by clicking here, and then selecting "On-Demand" although I didn't find our interview yet.

On Friday WITN came for their WITN On The Road segment. I met Heather and the camera man (I'm sorry I cannot remember his name) at 4 AM at our gallery. I am a night person and would more likely be still up at 4 than getting up at 4. I was able to get up at 3:30 and meet them, they were driving in from Greenville so must have had to get up at 2 am.

Anyway we got all set up and Jim arrived at about 4:30. I can't say enough how nice all 3 of them were and they mentioned Carolina Creations, Downtown New Bern and the ArtWalk no less than 50 times. It was a great experience and we really appreciate it. I am going to go talk to Heather again in a week or so about "A Dickens of a Christmas". I'll keep you posted on the date.

And last but not least Charlie Hall from the Sun Journal came to my studio several times in the past couple weeks to see Carol and I painting the Storyboards for a "Dickens of a Christmas". Here's a link to the story, we got A WHOLE PAGE, Wow!

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