Friday, November 21, 2008

Trail of Flames - a new African-American History Tour

In 1922 there was a huge fire in New Bern. One person was killed, 18 injured and 3200 people were made homeless. Of those 3180- were black and 20 were white. Twenty five hundred people were housed by the Red Cross.

Over 1000 buildings were destroyed.

A new website is being developed about the fire, it won't be launched until January 1, 2009 but click here and bookmark the site.

There will be a tour on December 1st. Meet at 9 am for Breakfast at the Firemans Museum and the cost is $20. Call New Bern Tours and Convention Services, 637-7316.

I have read some accounts by people who were children when the fire took place. The fire started early in the morning and was fanned by high winds.

It eventually leveled 40 blocks and some victims lived in tents for over 9 months.

This should be an interesting tour, you won't want to miss it.

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