Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yates Mill

Have you ever been to Yates Mill? It's just up the road.

Tim (aka T Rader) brought in his newest painting today. So I had to do a little research about it.

The mill began operating on this site in Wake County in approximately 1756 and is currently the last mill of approximately 70 that were in and around that County.

The Yates family continually operated the mill from 1863 to 1947. It was then owned by a corporation, and sold to North Carolina State University in 1963.

The mill stood vacant for several years until Yates Mill Associates, Inc. began restoration efforts in 1988.

The mill is frequently open for historic tours and corn grinding is demonstrated on specific days. Modest fees are charged for mill tours. For details of the schedule contact the park staff at 919-856-6675 or go to the web page at www.wakegov.com/parks/yatesmill.

You can read more about Tim, see other paintings and purchase them on our website by clicking here!

It's been a busy time in Downtown New Bern, looking forward to seeing you!

Jan Francoeur - Carolina Creations

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