Sunday, August 31, 2008

View from the Porch - Weather wonders

On Saturday night we witnessed the most amazing light show from our porch.

We watched a lightning storm to the North for and hour and a half, it was like being in a movie theater.

The interesting thing was that the storm never reached New Bern and most of the lightning went from one cloud to another with little of it actually heading toward the ground.

When we lived in the mountains in Colorado we never saw lightning but we would see double and triple rainbows on a regular basis.

Many times we drove through one like driving through an arch and many times one end of the rainbow would be in downtown Aspen, what does that tell you!!

It was a great place to live but we also love living in New Bern, we've been here 20 years in 2009, hard to believe, and today is our 25th wedding anniversary!

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