Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Kinetic Art for the Garden

New Kinetic Art for the Garden has just arrived!

Designed by Michigan artist Carol Roeda, made off shore (we don't like that!), but the quality is very nice, heavy metal, and a part of each piece spins in the slightest breeze.

We've been following Carol's work since day one, we started our art careers at the same time in the early 1970s, about 100 miles from each other. Carol started working in clay and gradually added other mediums to work in. For the past few years her preferred medium has been metal.

Her latest are these kinetic sculptures. All but one of those pictured measure 18" across.

Each piece comes with a bracket that you can screw to a fence, a pole or whatever and the sculpture slips into it. If you wish to have it free standing in the garden we also have poles that go into the ground.
 Carol Roeda Kinetic Sculpture
Blue and Aqua Flower on Yellow

Pink Dragonflies on Yellow

 Carol Roeda Kinetic Sculpture
Tree with Fuchsia Dots
 Carol Roeda Kinetic Sculpture
 Purple Dots with Yellow Flower


Red Cardinal with Leaves
  Carol Roeda Kinetic Sculpture
Yellow Flower on Blue

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