Saturday, November 14, 2015

On the Road November 2015 post two

Day two we got to visit the studio of one of our newest potters Cathey Bolton.

Her bright glazes and contemporary shapes have been a nice addition to our collection at Carolina Creations.

Then we were off to a show to meet some new potters. When we got there it was like old home week with lots of artists we knew!

Including our friends from Holman Pottery . Their bacon cookers are huge sellers.

We met a few new potters too so look forward to work from them in the spring.

We picked up pots from an old friend Sarah Rolland, we've carried her work off and on for years, it's been quite a while since we've had any so we are excited to get her work again.

And last but not least we finished the day with a visit with Hank Goodman and Vicki. Good friends, good times!

The thing we love about Carolina Creations, that sets it apart from most other retail establishments, is the fact that we know most of the people that make what we sell, we know how they make things and we see how, our selling their work, helps them to live their dream of making a living with their hands.

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