Sunday, May 03, 2015

Ive made a grave mistake

My mother was a genealogist, after she died I brought her papers home to store until someone in the family surfaced that was interested. She wasn't an occasional genealogist, she was hard core. I read a letter the other day she had written saying that when she was in the 7th grade the other kids would go to play outside and she went to the library. She died at 83 and literally spent 70 years working on it. To complicate things she never drove (except for a disastrous year) so always had to hitch a ride.

The mistake I made is starting to read some of it and look at the photos. Some say who they are some don't.

I've had these boxes sitting in my storage room for 10 years, I would like to pass them on to the person in the family that is really interested and has the time to continue. I decided I will give them to Monica, who is the youngest of the nieces and nephews and maybe by the time she is my age she will either be interested or someone else will come forward.

I could spend months, years, piecing together all the information she gathered. See, if you are really serious you don't just look on the internet, because there is no proof that that information is correct, you go to the grave site, you go to the courthouse and get copies of birth and death certificates, etc.

I will never have the time to do that but I WILL make time to sort and catalog the information somehow before passing it on. I doubt anyone in my immediate family knows as much about the family history as I do (except maybe my cousin Cynthia). So I feel it's my duty to my mother to do something with all her work and see that it preserved.

If I didn't have 100 paintings I want to do I would just plunge in. So instead

I'm spending after dinner hours sorting and reading, as always not enough hours in a life.

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