Friday, January 30, 2015

Towels and scarves from the artist Tom Vieth

I got the opportunity to meet Susan Vieth and she told me all about her husband Tom and their adventure moving to France where Tom paints every day.

As an established professional artist, Tom Vieth has paintings in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe. Through his oil and watercolor paintings, Tom shares scenes of everyday France. The lively energy of Tom’s brushstrokes and bold use of color invite you into his painted world.

Susan has immersed herself in the joie de vivre of the French lifestyle. Hers is a world of cultural exploration: shopping at the daily markets, cooking, and learning first-hand the history, local traditions, and daily rhythms of life in a small village. She told me that while she enjoyed her laid back lifestyle she really wanted some more stimulation and a challenge. 
So she has taken some of Tom's paintings and created these wonderful towels and scarves.

I fell in love with the colors, his technique (reminds me somewhat of our own Brenda Behr's watercolors), his scenes and Susan! 

While not printed in the USA they are of a very nice quality.

The scarves are available one at a time.

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