Friday, December 19, 2014

Commemorative Vase Created for Swiss Bear

I was chosen to create a piece for Susan Moffat Thomas to commemorate her years as Executive Director of our Downtown Redevelopment Association. There has been many changes made to our downtown under the leadership of Susan.

I was given a list of the projects to be included.

I just happened to have hand built this large pot a couple months ago and it was waiting for the perfect scene to be painted on it! It was a good thing it was large because there were a lot of projects!

I did a couple sketches of how the vignettes would fit together.

Then I drew it out on the pot with a pencil - the pencil lines burn out in the kiln.

Projects included, Ship hauling Machine Artifact, Neuse River Bridge, Gull Harbor Walk, WayFinding System, Belks Building Rehab, Bear Plaza Bears, Union Point Park, Trent River Bridge, River Walk, Baxter Clock, F-11, Broad Street, and James Reed Lane.

Using underglazes I painted the scenes, applies a clear glaze over it and fired it again.

Danielle calls it a jardinière!    It's big enough that it can hold magazines, it can be a vase, or whatever!

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