Friday, October 10, 2014

Train Trip

I took my first train trip in 1969, since then I take a train whenever I can - here are a few of the trips I've taken by train

       Jackson Michigan to Mexico City
       Selma North Carolina to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
       Toledo Ohio to Berkley California
       Cumbrea and Toltec in New Mexico
       Durango and Silverton in Colorado
       Newark International to Penn Station NYC
       Paris Metro to Versailles
       Philadelphia International to City Center to Manyunk

I've drawn pictures of depots and trains located all over the country, too many to mention.

My latest trip was was from New Bern to Charleston South Carolina, to visit my niece. I love the way a train moves along, the sound of the locomotive (steam is the best) and the whistle. It's not the fastest way to go but sometimes you just need to slow down.

Right off the bat I loved the fact that I could walk out my door and around the corner, just over a block, and catch the Amtrak bus which took me to meet the train in Wilson, NC.

This is the Wilson, NC depot.

A nice painting inside the Wilson, NC Terminal

A mosaic lady sculpture, there is a similar one in Chapel Hill I did a painting of.

I chose business class because people said it was quieter and no kids. Not that I don't like kids but the whole point of traveling this was for me was to relax, stare out the window and maybe read a little and be quiet.

There was quite a lot of activity in Wilson, more people traveling north than south. The depot is very nice and in the middle of town so if you get there early there are places you can walk to.

Business class was as advertised, the seats were large and comfortable, tons of leg room, wifi and 120v plugs.

I read, dozed and just chilled out.

It was wonderful.

The only disappointment was the depot in North Charleston, how can a city with such beautiful architecture have the most boring depot seen on this trip?

Yes I could have flown much faster, and driven a little bit faster but this was so much more relaxing than either of those.

For people who live in a metropolitan area, you are probably saying whats the big deal. For those of us that choose to live in more remote areas it's a treat to be able to get around without driving or flying.

The southbound train is late and guess it usually is so the ride home was delayed but that was ok too. A long as I have a book or my laptop I can keep busy. That is the only problem with this east coast route, Amtrak shares the tracks with CSX and they take precedence.

What does riding the train have to do with Carolina Creations or art?

Sometimes you just need to do something different to recharge, get ideas for the shop, look in other shops and galleries to see what we are or aren't missing, and always, always look at the scenery for inspiration of things to paint.

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