Sunday, September 28, 2014

Great Gifts I Sachets

This will be the first in an intermittent series of items we have found that make nice or fun inexpensive gifts.

First in this series are these scented botanical wax sachets. They can be hung in closets or placed in drawers, but they're so pretty you may not want to put them away In fact we are going to put them on our Christmas tree!

Each sachet is strung with a suede cord and sweetly packaged.

You'll love these heavenly scented botanical wax sachets. 
You'll find all the best fragrances, making this collection a must have for you and yours.

Beach House
This Beach House sachet set will have you imagining the perfect summer day spent shell collecting at the beach. The fragrance reminds of a soft ocean mist blowing across delicate seaside flowers as willowy sea grass dances in the warm salty breeze. The botanicals in the wax include shells and starfish. Each sachet is strung with a suede cord and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box. Set of two.

The Black Vetiver and Oak fragrance offers a warm and luxurious fragrance that will envelop you in a velvet cloak of exotic saffron, rich cognac, green woody vetiver and sensual patchouli. This pairs nicely with hints of geranium, cyclamen flowers and tree moss, highlighting the earthy richness. This is the perfect fragrance to warm your spirit on wintery nights. The botanicals in the wax include birch branches, coral bell stalks, cosmos flowers, and oak leaves.

A festive blend of sparkling mandarin oranges, deliciously tart cranberries and succulent red currants delightfully underscored by fresh ground ginger and frosted cedar. Made with: : birch twigs, cones, pepperberries, pine needles, essential and high quality fragrance oils, proprietary wax blend. 

The Spicy Apple fragrance is simply amazing, which is probably the reason it is always the best seller from Rosy Rings. It offers fresh, juicy and crisp Macintosh apple mingled with a spicy blend of cardamom seed, ground nutmeg, fresh cinnamon and clove bud. Sweet tonka bean, vanilla extract and forest balsam softly chime in, but the stars in this scent are apple and cinnamon. The botanicals in the wax include apple slices, bay leaves, and cinnamon sticks.

The Petal and Vine sachet offers green stemmy notes giving way to a sweet, flowery body of hyacinth, trumpet flower and wild orchid. The botanicals in the wax include calendula, cosmos flowers, and gingko leaves. 

We have a lot of beautiful scented gift ideas on our website!

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