Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art books for sale to raise funds

Thinning my collection of art books, how to - pottery, extruder, calligraphy, drawing books. They are at Carolina Creations for $5, 6 or $7, there are about 30 there now with some more to come. All funds raised will be donated to our friend and fellow artist Steven Cooper whose house and studio burned to the ground in April. Then shortly afterwards his wife Karen died after a car accident. We will be doing some other fund raisers for him this fall.

New York Metalsmith's Home & Studio Destroyed by Fire

On the night of April 12, 2014, Steven and Karen Cooper awoke to a fire that consumed their home and studio in minutes. They miraculously escaped with their lives, thankfully, but have lost 30 years of personal memories, art works collected over a lifetime and all the tools and equipment in Steve's jewelry studio. After such a monumental loss and a car accident, Karen's health declined and on May 25, she lost her long battle with lung disease. The sadness we feel is huge and creates an unimaginable emptiness for Steve.  How does he begin the difficult process of rebuilding a life amid so much loss? How do you keep going? Where will the strength come from? Hopefully, from us.

As friends and colleagues of the Coopers, we are asking the community -- neighbors, artists, retailers, collectors -- to help any way they can. A wish list of personal and professional items is available on Google Docs. Metalsmithing tools, large and small, are especially needed to get Steven back to work. Everyone in our art community knows how hard it is to grow a business and a life in the arts. Please help us get one of our own back on his feet.

About Steven Cooper Metalsmith
At what point do you discover what you want to do for the rest of your life? For Steven Cooper it was an industrial arts metal class in Junior High School. Who knew that rigid cold metal could be so yielding and beautiful. This discovery continued throughout High School with all of the art classes he could take, which made him realize that what he wanted to be was a metal craftsman.

Here is another place you can donate cash.

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