Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Honored to be Honored by the Chamber this morning

I was so surprised this morning to receive this award at the Chamber of Commerce Chairman's Awards Breakfast. Greg told about our history in Downtown New Bern. It certainly has been a journey and we have come a long way!

Of course Michael was working right there beside me, but for some reason I always get all the credit! Thank you Michael for all you do.

We've grown through the years! This is a post I put on my facebook page this morning.

Our Downtown New Bern, North Carolina has come a long way since Carolina Creations opened in 1989. There was no convention center, no "new" part of the Sheraton, no Comfort Suites, no galley store, very few 2nd floors occupied in the downtown, no history center, no "new" bridges, lots of overhead lines, no "new " sidewalks, no james reed lane, an empty lot where the toy store is, the new addition of bakers square was an empty building with a caved in roof, union point was a tank farm, there was no gazebo, where my house is was a dead gas station, and on and on, we've all grown and improved through the years and it's been a great ride with a lot of both public and private investment and vision.

- Jan Francoeur

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