Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hand crafted nativities and their artists

We are trying not to get too ahead of the season but nativities are something people always look for early. We have a nice variety this year!

Each unique PotTerre work of art is created personally by artist Terre Christensen. Raku and stoneware pieces are made one at a time. Raku, an ancient glazing process, renders pieces bathed in flashes of blue, purple, and red in a fiery field of shiny copper.

Sandra McKenzie Schmitt Nativity. 
Sandra McKenzie Schmitt has been a working artist since 1973, first showing her figurative sculpture at Gallery 10 in New York City in the same year. In 1964, she received her M.A. in intaglio printmaking from University of Iowa under the direction of Mauricio Lasansky. Receiving her M.F.A. from Bradley University in May 2000, her emphasis was ceramic sculpture with additional work in bronze, stone carving, and metal fabrication.


Sticks nativity - One of a kind, hand carved and painted.


Stephen hand builds each piece of his sculpture from stoneware. He rolls thin slabs,
 texturing each with a variety of lace designs.
Stephen Wise

Clayton started making hand sculpted items using left over clay from his mother's studio. He was 14.

Clayton grew up in a sea side, summer resort town chock full of galleries, boutiques and quaint shops.

A local boutique owner discovered some of his creations and wanted to sell them in her store. They were well received; reorders followed, he was in business! She still orders from him to this day... more than 30 years later.

We've been carrying Clayton's work since 1998!

We've also got many of his Santas and his ever popular toothbrush holders.

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