Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Weeks

Friday I painted in the garden at 520 Craven Street during the Home and Garden Tour - didn't get started until late due to the rain in the morning. I got quite a lot done on the painting. Not bad since I didn't start it until 1, left at 4 and talked to folks in-between.

Here is the start of it.

Then Friday evening we had an open house at Carolina Creations from 4-7 for our Carolina Creations friends and Home Tour Ticket holders - it was fun and we had a nice crowd!

I have prints of the painting I did for the home tour poster and tiles of all the homes on the tour. Here are photos of a few of them. Just got them finished on Thursday before the tour!

I'm going to have an evening openhouse at Pinecone Perennials Art in the Garden in May, date to be determined but I think it will be the third week. So I'm busy starting on work for that. I'll do both tiles and paintings.

These paintings are all in some state of beginning but none are finished. 

Why start so many things at once?  

The beginning and the ideas come when I'm not consumed with lots of other distrations like commissions with deadlines, bookkeeping demands, ads to produce, newsletters to write, issues at CC to deal with, etc. So they often come in clumps and I take advantage. Get the idea laid down and started then it's easier to pick up and work on it later. These are both scenes from Pinecone Per.

I've been invited to be in a show about food at Tryon Palace through the Arts Council. A Visual Feast" -- presented in conjunction with Tryon Palace in the Duffy Exhibit Gallery of the History Center. The exhibit opens May 10 during the Downtown New Bern ArtWalk and continues through June. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the opening because we'll have our own Garden Show opening at Carolina Creations. More info to follow on that in another post.

So it's a busy and creative time for me! I love it.

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