Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Corner

This is a photo of our neighborhood, from the early 1950's. You can see a 3 story building where we built our house and many houses across the street that are no long there. Our street is the one in the center of the photo.

The corner across the street from our house is a parking lot now but the Simpson Oaksmith House stood there from 1810 until 1974.

The house that was directly across the street was the  Simpson-Oaksmith House. Also known as the Blackbeard House - it is said he lived there when he was in New Bern.
 In 1937 this is what was written about the house during an architectural survey.

Early part of house said to have housed Blackbeard the pirate. Part of house threestory
brick, wing two-story, gable. Heavy cupola with deck. Carved^'heads over door. Built 1810 by Samuel Simpson.

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