Monday, May 21, 2012

Jan Francoeur or Janet Francoeur whats in a name

Janet Francoeur is my given name. I also go by Jan. I like them both although I like Jan a little better than Janet. But when introducing myself if I say Jan Francoeur people usually say, Hi Fran, which I hate! I sign all documents Janet so most people who correspond with me know me by that.

And of course lots of people don't know how to pronounce Francoeur.

We say Francooooooor. Some people say Francore.

One of my favorite stories about pronunciation has to do with Garrison Keiler., from NPR's Prarie Home Companion.

He was in Oregon and speaking to the Governor of that state and pronounced it Or e gon, and she corrected him saying it should be said Or a gun. He said tomato, tomoto, she said, well Mr Killer I guess it really isn't important if it's pronounced right or not!

Jan Francoeur!

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