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Workshop with Dan Nelson Unlocking the Mysteries of Painting February 2012

On February February 10; 11 we will have a workshop with Raleigh artist Dan Nelson.

Day 1 is optional  morning how to see 

Day 1 afternoon how to move

Day 2  morning A hierarchy of the mysteries of painitng

Day 2 afternoon Take it away work on a painting of your choice.

Start promtly at 9:30 - come at 9 am for a cup of coffee
Day 1, Morning--   HOW ARTISTS SEE
Comprehensive instruction designed to help develop key drawing skills.
1/2 hour lunch break
Day 1, Afternoon--  HOW ARTISTS MOVE
Developing the mindset and skills that really makes a good paintings GOOD.


What is it that REALLY makes a painting beautiful? What is it that all great paintings have in common? Whether you are a beginner, or well advanced in the art of painting, Dan will get you (or keep you) heading toward a mastery of the elusive mysteries that all great works of art possess . . . AND he will tell you which ones are most important and WHY.

In this session, we will all do one simple painting together, step-by-step, so that each student can experience these "mysteries" coming together on their canvas.

Day 2, Afternoon--  TAKE IT AWAY!
Each student will work on a painting of their choice. They may work from one of their own photos, or use one of Dan's.

Note: This list is merely a suggestion for those who have no idea what to bring. If you are an experienced painter, just bring your normal materials. The acrylic underpainting technique is OPTIONAL; the whole process MAY be done in oil, if you prefer.


Note: These can be either liquid or regular tube acrylics.
Any good brand will do. Avoid “Hues” (H), except in yellow.

Warm Blue (Phthalo)
Cool Blue (Ultramarine)
Cool Red (Quinacridone or Primary Red or Magenta)
Yellow (ANY light yellow will do-- so no need to get Cadmium)
Burnt Sienna
Titanium White

Medium: Golden GAC 100 or Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish--32 oz. or more

Small re-sealable container cups--like “Ziploc” or “Glad”-- about 8 oz. One for each color.


Any good brand will do. Avoid “Hues” (H), except in yellow.

Warm Blue (Phthalo)
Cool Blue (Ultramarine)
Warm Red (like Naphthol Crimson, if you want to avoid Cadmium)
Cool Red (Alizarine)
Warm Yellow (Indian)
Cool Yellow (Lemon)
Titanium White
Raw Umber
Burnt Sienna

• Medium: Winsor Newton Liquin-- 250 ml

Purple (any pigment)
Viridian Green
Yellow Ochre
Any Black


An normal assortment of bristle brushes, be sure to add a couple large brushes-- like 2” wide.
An assortment of sable brushes-- Nothing smaller than a #2-- synthetics are fine.

We have 5 easels available, if you have a travel easel please bring it! Let me know if you need to use one of ours.

Day 1 only     $95
Day 2 only     $125
Both Days      $200

To sign up visit our website by clicking here.

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