Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jude Lobe, North Carolina Artist

We are excited to be representing North Carolina artist Jude Lobe.

On our way back from the mountains we picked up a few of her pieces. We will have a one person show for her that opens during ArtWalk May 2011 but we wanted to introduce her work to our collectors before then.

We love her work and have a piece of it in our own collection!

Jude has degrees in Geography, Medical Geography, and Advertising and Design and is a certified faux painter.

Jude talks about her work - My artworks are predominately expressionistic. A respect for nature has been a continuous throughout my life and the major inspiration in my work. Early on I painted more realistic renderings, mainly plein air paintings. Many of those pieces, though they did not include humans, had something very human about them, like the juxtaposition of two old and worn boats side by side seeming more like old friends remembering younger and more active times.

In more recent works my desire is to evoke the emotion of the scene through colors, color glazes and lines using a rich palette suggested by the surroundings. Sometimes it's a dramatic shadow from a tree stretching across the grass, or a pond early in the morning glistening as if it is waking up and jumping for joy.

Once I start work on an idea I can live on coffee for days, thinking, researching, sketching, writing, until eventually it finally hits the canvas. My hope is that the image engages the viewer.

Stop in and see the pieces we have from Jude.

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