Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jennifer Umphress

New glass artist Jennifer Umphress! Jennifers work is stunning and by the weekend we should have 4 of her octupus. (They ARE HERE!) To see the particular pieces we have go to her page on our website by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

Jennifer uses the technique of lampworking to create her pieces. "Lampworking" (also sometimes called "flameworking") is the technique of shaping glass rods and tubes in a torch flame. In ancient times, the glass was melted over the flame of an oil or paraffin lamp, hence the traditional name.

Jennifer talks about her work - "Glass to me is the ideal medium because it has it all; color, dimension, clarity and reflection. This medium enables me to express my thoughts and or feelings in the moment. I have worked with cold glass and other mediums besides lampworking.

But once I discovered the rush of creating with constant motion and having no time to think but instead feel my piece I was completely captivated. Although my inspiration comes from the ocean, I am most intrigued by capturing movement. I try to emulate the movement of sea life in a simple contemporary form.

I began my career in glass in 2000 working and apprenticing in a small studio retail shop in Hawaii. I attended the Sundance Art Center in Santa Cruz, California, studied under Casare Toffolo in Murano, Italy and have taken workshops from Robert Mickelsen, Janis Miltenberger and Richard LaLonde.

Her pieces are outstanding! Click here to see what we have at the gallery.

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