Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ring Holders from Terry Weaver

This summer we met Terry Weaver. Among other great things he makes these beautiful ring holders.

These ring holders are designed as a simple conical shape with 2 lines of color twisted through the center of clear glass. Additional design is created from oxidation that is pulled off the punty. The size ranges from 31/4 to 41/4 high.

Here's a little bit about Terry

I was a licensed architect who started blowing glass in 1988. It began with a 3 day workshop with Jane Bruce and I was hooked. In the early years my furnace time was limited to workshops and studio rental time but the enjoyment and pleasure I got out of working with hot glass increased each year.

In 1998 it lead to the building of my own studio with the aid of one of the techs from “The Studio” in Corning.

From 1999 through 2006, the glass studio was a part time business (if you can call doing 9 to 12 3-day weekend shows a year part-time) that shared my life with architecture and construction. I would light the furnace once a month, let it warm up, blow glass for a short period, and then shut the furnace down.

During that time the complexity and quality of the work improved which was reflected by the increased attention and sales at shows. I believe this period where I slowly developed my own style and ideas with glass has been very important in establishing what my work is like today.

My architectural background has had a strong influence in the shapes, designs and colors that have evolved in my work. I want my glass to be looked at as functional art. I want people to be comfortable using my work and not just having it on display. With this in mind I intentionally make a number of smaller pieces.

I try to keep the shapes clean and simple. Some of the pieces need to be playful with the colors at times striking and at other times soft.

When you are working in the hot glass studio, you know right away that you have hit the shape just right and the personal reward for doing that is immediate.

This and a number of other factors helped move me to put aside the architectural license and allow the studio to become a full time glass blowing business.

Order online by following this link.The artist at work

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