Sunday, May 17, 2009

Slow Blogging and why

I just realized how slow I have been on my blogging this month.

 First we were getting ready to go to NY, then we were gone, now we're trying to get caught up from being gone! In a day or two I'll  have some more photos to post from our trip.

I felt bad leaving Lou, Donna, and Donna to be responsible for the Art Walk on the 8th but as I knew they would, they did a great job!

We have some amazing pieces for this show as I've mentioned in some previous posts. But I don't think I've mentioned the work by Sequoia.

Reverence infuses everything that Sequoia Pawan Madan sends into the world. Working with thoughtfully selected "low-impact" materials including iron, glass—even tree prunings—Sequoia, as he prefers to be called, fashions furniture, lamps, candlesticks and architectural elements with graceful lines and quiet strength. As he explains it, he aims to bring a "yin-yang balance" to interiors; to bring softness, beauty, functionality and environmental health together to enhance users' lives.

After much research on the careful use of materials, he uses iron (extremely abundant and used in small quantities due to great structural strength; least toxic of all available metals), glass (also plentiful and durable), twigs and other prunings (which allow the tree to continue growing and cleaning the air) and handmade mulberry-bark paper (also harvested so that the tree remains alive).

I have the perfect spot for one of the small tables that hang on the wall.

In addition to the pieces we have in stock Sequoia makes beds, benches, lamps, chairs and more.

We do have a few piece on our website. Click here! 

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