Friday, September 12, 2008

New Bern Ornament

Just in! Our New Bern Ornament 2008 has just arrived. I started doing a new ornament each year starting in 1985.
Below shows how I go about designing my ornaments. If I don't have an idea myself I often ask our customers for suggestions. This year they said how about the Trent River Bridge.

I looked through my photos and found this one. Then I start to doodle and do rough sketches. I like to have the ornament very "open" with a lot of the metal cut away.

I keep drawing it over and over until I get it "just right".
Then I send it to some friends in New England that make a die and stamp them out. Totally made in the USA!

To purchase and to see all the ornamanets go to our website by clicking here!

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