Sunday, April 08, 2012

V Originals

We are stocking up for our upcoming Garden Show in May and June. One of the artists in the show is Phyllis Vaughn.

Kind of whimsical, kind of Folk-Art. The use of re-purposed materials adds to the charm and creative quality of her work. She Is consistently coming up with new painting techniques and other creative changes. 

V. Originals is all about that "thing" that makes you feel good, that makes you smile, that touches your heart.  "We have evolved over these twenty plus years from our whimsical art dolls to our current folk-art interpretations....always with a message....always with that little something "extra".  It always amazes me how creative one can be when put in the right environment....and the right frame of mind.  The ideas flow like paint on a canvas.  If our results make people smile, then, we have done our jobs. 
Happy heart  *  Happy spirit"
Here are some of her pieces!

Be Happy

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