Monday, April 30, 2012

Pewter Labyrinth at Carolina Creations

What is a labyrinth? A labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness, and a model of your journey through life on a "meandering but purposeful path."

What are they used for? They are used as tools for meditation, prayer, to relieve stress, and to gain enlightenment. To know yourself.  When following a labyrinth you must focus on one step at a time, following the path that will always lead to your center.

In the Middle Ages one could be used as a substitute for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The labyrinth can be used as a personal practice for healing growth, a tool for building community, and to promote global peace.

Walking a prayer labyrinth involves 3 stages - releasing - quieting your mind,  receiving - clairyifying your problems and lastly returning - when you know you have the strength to tackle your issues.

We hope these Labyrinth gifts will assist you in your own journey to peace and happiness. 

Our handcrafted in the USA pewter labyrinth come in a velvet pouch with a story card describing the Labyrinth.

These pieces can be purchased by visiting our website by clicking here.

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