Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sympathy cards at Carolina Creations and what to write in a sympathy card

We sell a lot of greeting cards, one of the biggest categories is sympathy cards. I've posted a few here and some thoughts on what to think about when writing a sympathy card.
What ever you write know that there are really no words to bring comfort. It can't make the situation better, but it is a way to say "Hi, I'm here and thinking of you." 

You should not say, "If there's anything I can do please call, or if there is anything I can do let me know.", requiring them to have to call you, instead you might say "I'm going to call you next week," or "I'm going to email you next week to check on you."

“They’re better off now,” or “They’re happy now,” or even “They’re in a better place.” is not a good thing either. It's not really a comfort to the person left behind. The person who died is still gone. 
Be careful when you say you understand or you know how the person feels (particularly when you’ve never been through the same situation).
Death is a funny thing. It happens to all of us, and will happen to everyone we know. Yet, many of us struggle with how to act or what to say when it happens. If you stay positive and commit to doing something for the bereaved you’ll stand a much better chance of sending a note that is meaningful, memorable and a true comfort.

Thank you to the European Paper Company for these thoughts.

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