Thursday, December 18, 2014

Amazing New Pieces from Camp Climax Pottery

Hand thrown and hand sculpted
from Dan and Laurie Hennig
at Carolina Creations
Visionary, idealistic and in love, Laurie Anderson and Dan Hennig were married while attending San Jose State University in California. It was 1968, and the smoke was still clearing in Berkeley as they took their B.A. degrees in Art and traveled abroad to explore the museums and art enclaves of Europe.  Adventure and opportunity led them to teaching positions in the Caribbean where for almost two  years the rhythm of life in the West Indies influenced their work and lives.

In 1972 they were lured back to California by the great resurgence of culture and the arts that had been taking place since the late 60's. Camp Climax Pottery was begun in a remodeled garage in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

The decision to establish the studio at their home reflected their desire to integrate their lifestyle, allowing the environment of family and community to  effect the clay process. Their 20 plus year involvement with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire began at this time. Together they explored the playful mood of "the Faire" to develop their own wild style, incorporating wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain, constructions and sculpture. Eventually their work and markets have expanded to include major craft shows and galleries throughout the United States and Europe. 

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