Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Colorado Return Part 1 Denver to Glenwood Springs

I haven’t been back to Colorado since we left in 1989 so was excited to go see my friend and former gallery owner Deb. We hit every card and craft shop between Cherry Creek North and Boulder before heading to the mountains.

We also went to the Denver Botanical Gardens which was opened in 1951, so don’t know why we never went when we lived out there, it’s beautiful~

Deb says they go almost every week and it changes all the time.

After we shopped til we dropped  we headed to the mountains.

Our first stop was Georgetown. It has really not changed much in 30 years, there are a few new buildings but the downtown looks just the same. I used to do art shows there.

One of my favorite buildings is the fire station.

From there we went to Frisco/Silverthorne - wow, I didn’t recogonize the area, it’s a small city now. Then to Breckenridge. The shops in the old victorians are still there, there are new condos, a lot of them, but the town still feels the same.

We drove through Glenwood Canyon, I’d forgotten how beautiful it is and the photos don’t do it justice.

In many cases the walls of the canyon go straight up. When we lived there it was a two lane road through the canyon with lots of places to pull off and look. Now it’s four lanes, well done, but you can’t stop to look. 

Glenwood Springs is about the same, yes it’s busier and there is more construction but still a nice town.

I couldn’t go there without a soak in the hot springs. We used to go often, Christmas day was my favorite, we’d soak with the steam coming off the water and snow piled all around. I’d done drawings of some of the buildings there.

The depot.

The hotel.

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