Saturday, February 06, 2016

What's coming up for 2016

What's in Store for 2016!
As we go into each new year we try to keep some traditions alive and add some new!

On January 6 we hung the Valentine cards that school children from across the county have lovingly created for us. Each card sells for $3 and all proceeds are donated back to the school art teachers fund. This show and sale runs through February 14.

On February 15 we will begin to hang our Dreaming of Spring Show - the  Button Florist will be featured with her bouquets of hand crafted clay flower bouquets and glass wall flowers by Jade Glass, metal garden spinners, and metal flower garden stakes.

The button florist creates unique alternatives to traditional flowers, using a mixture of up-cycled and vintage buttons, handmade ceramic buttons, and recycled sweater felt.
 the button florist

While the glass flowers, are created by Scott Johnson. Scott has a passion for glass and the knowledge of casting materials led him to develop extraordinary glass flower bouquets.
 jade glass flowers

Spinners by Carol Roeda are made from a nice gauge metal, they come with a bracket so you can mount them on a fence, wall, pole, tree, or purchase a separate stake to free stand them in your garden. One piece on each sculpture spins with the slightest breeze.
 kinetic art sculptures

Metal flower sculptures by Steven Cooper come in all sizes from 18 inches to 6 feet!
New flying birds by artist Randal and Holly Smithey are powder coated steel, put the wings on one way and they move, turn the wings over and they are stable. (Arriving this coming week!)

And of course our ever popular garden art poles, the artist comes out with new ones regularly!
 Garden Art Poles, peace poles

These non-traditional flower artists work will be accompanied by floral paintings by gallery artists through the end of April.

In March we will resume our "Sally's Painting Party" series. It's a great way to get a kick start if you have never painted, if you haven't painted for a while, or paint all the time and just want to try it! Sally sketches out the image and you follow along as she tells you how to do it.

On May 1 we will open a one person show with work by Marvin Maune called  "Looking Up".

This show will run through June 30 with the official opening during ArtWalk, Friday, May

On July 1 we will hang a show with landscape paintings by Sally Anger. Her show will run through August 31.

August 1 through October 31 we will feature work by Jan Francoeur paintings and clay wall hangings.

November 1, 2016 through January 5, 2017 will be our Christmas Ornament show with art from gallery artists.

So that is our line up of shows, other things coming up.

Our (Jan and Michael's) home will be on the historic home tour, I'll be doing some hand building in our pottery on the first floor, the second floor is my painting studio where I create and we hold the occasional class, and the 3rd floor is our living space with amazing views.

We'll do some traveling around the country looking for new artists and picking up from some we have already ordered from - this is our favorite part! Finding new and exciting work.

They are a busman's holiday, we try to combine some relaxing time along with work (if you can call looking at creations work!). Trips are planned to Florida, the Northeast, and Georgia. Of course
Carolina Creations remains open while we are gone thanks to our great staff.

 - Looking forward to it!! 

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