Friday, November 14, 2014

Stained Glass Artist at Carolina Creations

Angelika Taylor is one of our new artists at Carolina Creations.

Angelika crafts stained glass pieces that reflect her love of nature through flowers and leaves, pictured in natural settings. 

She has admired and studied the glasswork of other artists, Tiffany, of course, and his less famous contemporary, John LaFarge, but she has always experimented on her own. Most recently she has creating complete scenes, called primitives, which few attempt because of the incredible number of hours required to make them. Early instructors tried to discourage her from using intricate designs requiring small, time-consuming pieces. Instead, she made this my trademark whereby her panels do not appear flat, but have a unique, three-dimensional, painterly quality.

Angelika has been the recipient of many United States and International show awards, but was especially happy to be one of the artists selected to have their work chosen twice to become part of the permanent Christmas Ornament Collection of the White House. 

Glass selection must be artfully done, the cutting, wrapping, and soldering must be precise, but it is her love for design that breathes life into her work. 

Angelika says she was born to be an artist!  She took a detour through business school, which has helped her with her art considerably.

We have a nice collection of small panels and star ornaments.

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