Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prayer Towers

We just got in some new Prayer Towers by Holden McCurry. Beautiful.

North Carolina ceramicist Holden McCurry began making clay prayer towers and shrines after a trip to Mexico a decade ago. He was inspired by the colorful and creative forms found in the local artwork and architecture.

The inside of each tower holds a piece of paper on which you can write a message or prayer, giving each piece your own special meaning.

Holden McCurry graduated from Auburn University in Architecture and has since studied ceramics at Penland School of Craft in N.C.

Holden also has a background in drawing and painting that influences the way in which his ceramic sculpture is built and finished. He creates organic and architectural objects from clay slabs, extrusions, coils and pinched forms.

Texture is applied to the clay surfaces with found objects (driftwood, rocks, corals) and handmade ceramic stamps and roulettes. Painted and drawn surfaces incorporate terra sigillata, layered underglazes, slips, oxides and sgraffito.

Click here to see them all on our website or to order.

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