Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not your typical recycled bottle glasses

The story was born from the idea of combining manufacturing engineering, innovative product design, and environment awareness. Their goal was to create a fun consumer product that makes a difference. 

Glass designer, Paula Sansone-Johnson combined her glass cutting skills with her manufacturing experience by using state of the art diamond-wheel engraving technology to create unique designs that completely alter the look and feel of the wine bottles. 

The result is a sexy re-purposed 12oz antique blue DOF or Wine tumbler, - a win for everyone! A percentage of all sales will be donated to help spread environment awareness, one bottle at a time .

Another thing not mentioned is the rim. It is rounded, unlike 99.9% of recycled bottle glasses you see on the market. Made in USA!!

And a set of 4 is just  $64. Purchase online!

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