Friday, August 24, 2012

Home from the Big City

I go to a show, usually twice a year, in NYC.

A five day business trip without a little fun would be too much, so always try to take a 1/2 day to look around. One trip I did the High Line, another all the galleries in Chelsea, another took the double decker, another went to Zabars and the Museum of Art and Design.

This year got up early and did Tai Chi in Bryant Park at 7:30 then went to the East Village to see The Mosaic Man's pieces.

Long story short.

    Jim Power started the “mosaic trail” labor day weekend in 1988, and has immortalized New York’s rich history through his captivating street art. It features(ed) 80 light poles covered in mosaic tile, ceramics, glass, and mirror paying tribute to the history and the people of New York. The trail runs along 8th Street from Broadway, through Astor place, across Cooper Square in front of cooper union and St. Marks place, from third Ave to Avenue A, down Avenue A to 4th Street, up 4th Street to bowery and back to the cube on 8th street. A typical pole can be made up of more then a thousand tiles, displaying a myriad of vibrantly colorful and intricately placed mosaics which are often themed.
   Posted in front of the once and now legendary premier concert venue, The Fillmore East on 6th street at 2nd Ave is an awe-striking pole. This particular pole was made in commemoration of Bill Graham and all the bands that performed there such as, “The Grateful Dead,” “The Allman Brothers Band,” “Pink Floyd,” ”The Band,” and “Black Sabbath” to name a few. A tribute on another pole on the south east corner of second Ave and St Marks is to our great country and another is right in between third Ave and forth street which you will see highlights many great speakers that spoke at cooper union, and last but not least is another to the police and fire department at Astor place.
    Jim was authorized by DOT to continue to build and maintain the light-poles that were destroyed by the anti-graffiti force in 1995, but has never received funding for the project. Due to his love and passion for his community and the arts, Jim has managed throughout the years to build and up-keep these historical landmarks on his own.

Loved seeing these mosaics. One day when I have time I want to do some mosaics myself. I love the ones on South Street in Philadelphia by Isaiah Zagar too and have blogged about those before.

Too much I want to do, too little time.

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