Saturday, April 08, 2017

New Potters at Carolina Creations

Spring is always exciting around here, I learned early on that I need to order pottery in the spring because as the year goes on it gets harder and harder to get.

I met some new potters this year -

Mikio and Cheryl created high fired stoneware with a Japanese flair.

This effect is achieved by applying wax resist to the vase then applying the glaze.

 Set of 4 bowls
This set of four bowls fit one into the other. I love the ways the glaze also matches one bowl to the next!

Beautifully simple, turquoise glaze inside, their chasten glaze is stunning on this bowl.

We can't keep pieces in the gallery that depict ravens.

They have meanings in many cultures spanning a wide range of meanings from protection to a harbinger of death, in the Bible the Raven was the first bird Noah sent looking for land - a symbol of God's providence. 

These pieces are created by Barbara Glynn.

Barbara creates a wide variety of narrative sculptural pieces in raku, sawdust, pit fire and high fired functional ware.

Barbara says -   I saw my first potter at work during a grade school field trip and desperately wanted to try it. Though I was unable to convince him to let me do it that day, I did promise myself that I would someday find a way to try it and I did.  My love affair with clay really began in college and no doubt will continue for the rest of my life.  I worked as the ceramics lab assistant at Moorpark College, served as an apprentice to potter John Schulps in Calabasas, Ca., and  I earned a BFA from California State University, Northridge.

We love our Carolina Wrens so couldn't resist getting these mugs.

And Sylvia Harrison - while we have had her work before it's been a long time.

Sylvia lives near Raleigh with relatives in New Bern.

Sylvia says - "I have always loved working in the yard. When I took my first clay class in 1998 it seemed natural to go from the dirt of my garden to the clay of the earth.

My desire is to create decorative pieces of art that can function in everyday life. I feel that using art to enhance and enrich our life is true wealth.

When making a vessel I try to put something of myself in each piece. I may pull from my family history by impressing a Latvian symbol in the clay, or use flowers and leaves to remind me of my love for nature."

I love working in clay so it's not a surprise that we have a lot of pottery at Carolina Creations, and since I work in clay I can spot well designed and executed work in a flash.

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