Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where I create

There is a magazine called Where women create, so I thought I'd talk about the place I create.

My studio is usually a mess!

It's part of the creative process for me. I am usually working on many projects at once, often in different mediums. The result is a dozen projects in various states of completion, scattered about, accompanied by the tools used to create them. People ask why so many different projects at once - the answer is sometimes I get bored, or get stuck, or just have so many things to do it makes me feel better to bring them all along at once.

Since our house was on the  Home Tour my studio is neater than usual so I thought I'd share some photos.

I often work in the evening so I have the room set up like a living room, two couches - neither will ever be fit for company again, a tv, even a little refrigerator that usually just holds water. As for the couches, one has glaze ground into it in various places, and the other has Lucy the cats paw prints all over it where she stepped in some paint then walked across the couch. She's not with us any more so it's a nice remembrance when I look at them.

We have a large planter on the veranda across from where I sit that we grew lettuce in one year. This year we planted flowers in it. Flowers are one of those things that make me feel good so looking at them is inspiring to me. Most of my pottery has flowers on it as do most of my paintings.

I hate a dark room so when we were designing our house I voiced my concern that there would not be enough light, our architect said, you already have twice as many windows as most houses but he put in a second set of lites above. Even under the porches it made a big difference. You know you always hear artists talking about the importance of the light, it's true.

The studio is a huge room, so to make it a little more intimate we made room dividers out of hollow core doors. Half of the room is a class room where visiting artists teach workshops. We can move the walls if we need more space. That side is also a third bedroom if we need it for company.

Our pottery is on the first floor, we have an electric wheel where michael throws, a small kick wheel where he trims,
We have 4 kilns under the porch.

I have a slab roller where I make tiles and a messy table where I apply the clear glaze.

So that's where it all happens! We are lucky to have so much room.

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