Sunday, April 12, 2015

Its been a busy week in New Bern

I realize I have been gone half of the year! Shows, vacation, picking up art, no wonder I am so far behind.
     But I'm slowly catching up.
     This week I finished 6 very detailed tiles to be inserted into a backsplash in a kitchen in our Downtown.

     I'm working on trophies for a regatta coming up. Spent two days painting on the porch of the Blades house, during the home tour. 

This was my view

I saw a bird land on this pillar, it would make a nice painting for an upcoming show - Flight - that opens in September at Carolina Creations.

I was painting this on the porch in between talking to people.

Almost got it done - the Jewish Temple, just down the street from where I was sitting (oldest Temple in North Carolina). When we moved here I did ink drawings of all the houses of worship in our Downtown, now I am going back and doing them all using just watercolor. In another post I'll show you the original ones along with the new ones.

Just have to finish the door.

Did 2 "Nothing is worth more than this day" wall hangings that people like to give for weddings, also a wedding platter and a bowl, several baby sets for the gallery, a special order piggy bank for a birthday and one for CC, a going away platter with a painting of a house, a tile of a wedding venue in Costa Rica, whew!

These don't have the clear glaze on them yet which makes all the colors brighter.

Wall hangings, they don't have the wires attached to them yet.

Lou and I have been adding new work to the website and doing a lot of shipping. It's fun to wake up in the morning and find that people have ordered things in the night off our website.

I still have a graduation box to do, a tile of First Pres, and test my glaze colors and glaze fit for the tiles for the benches, a postcard for an upcoming show, brochures for two upcoming workshops, and redo images for coasters. Hopefully I'll get this all done in the upcoming week so I can break out the oil paints and do some paintings while our town is so beautiful this spring.

But before I do anything I am going to go for a bike ride and shoot some more photos. Will post those later!

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