Sunday, March 22, 2015

Funky Art at Carolina Creations

When we choose the work we carry at Carolina Creations we always look for the new and different, beautiful fine art and art that makes you smile.

We love it when we hear folks laughing at something they have read and REALLY love it when we hear them say, "I love coming in here it makes me feel good", or "I come here when I need a boost, I always leave feeling better, (And often leave with something in their hands!).

So in that regard we have a lot of bright and lively "fun" art, like....
Ceramic "rescue" cats and dogs.

Ceramic flip flops to brighten your wall.

Flea sculptures.

Gooney bird ornaments.

Crabs made from gourds, guitar strings, and bottle caps.
Just to name a few.

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