Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Bells the past thirty-five years Tom Torrens has produced quality designed functional works of art from recycled and industrial materials, which are pleasing to the senses.
     Mr. Torrens received his master's degree in sculpture from Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri. In 1986 he and his wife founded Tom Torrens Sculpture Design, Inc.® to create functional art accessories for the home and garden. Today the designs of Tom Torrens can be found all over the world. "I want my sculpture to address as many of the viewer's senses and emotions as possible. The design elements in my work are reduced to their simplest, most direct and refined form. Only in this way can the beauty, sound and visual integrity of the design be fully experienced."     Mr. Torrens work developed from his desire to use recycled material and found objects and wanting to add various elements of sound and touch to the viewer's senses. The wistful expressive tones of his bells and gongs play homage to some distant land.
     Mr. Torrens' patrons use his works to enhance their homes and gardens to provide a peaceful, artistic, as well as a functional element to their immediate surroundings. Mr. Torren's bells and gongs are found in American homes used as entry gongs or doorbells to announce the arrival of guests. 
        Bells have always been part of American History as well as World History to signal important events and arrival of guests. Bells are also used in important religious ceremonies. The Torrens bells can be found in many churches and temples throughout The United States. The primary materials are formed steel and hand spun copper.

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